Flashback to Spatial Structures

In the Summer of 2014 I spent a week at Dartmoor Arts in Drewsteignton, Devon taking part in the Spacial Structures workshop, which was run by Jerry Tate (Architect, Tate Harmer Architects), Geraldine Holland (Architect, Make Do & Draw), Hugh Arnold (Carpenter, Emanuel Hendry Construction Carpentry) and the man with all the skills PJ Dove (Technician, Peter Randall-Page Studio).

I won’t lie, it was a tough six days! We were up at 6am every morning, on site by 6.30am and hard at work until the early evening, but the results were well worth the effort. Despite a few design disagreements we managed to build a pretty impressive bridge. Each night the Dartmoor Arts team provided us with the most delicious food, along with an inspiring lecture, including a standout presentation from Zoe Laughlin (Creative Director, The Institute of Making). The video above (from Tate Harmer Architects) and the pictures below (courtesy of Mike Smallcombe) should give you an idea of the scale of the project. I can often be seen roaming around in a beige hat (it rained, it shined, it was cold and soooo enjoyably muddy).

If you think that you’d like to give it a try, Dartmoor Arts do it every year and they offer bursaries!

Thanks to everyone involved for a brilliant and productive week, especially Hugh, who put me in charge of the circular saw, rar.





Where have you been…

I’ve been off the radar for a year for a while… I received a PhD studentship from the AHRC 3D3 Centre for Doctoral Training, so I moved from London to Cornwall to take up a place in the Automatic Research Group at Falmouth University. Then my research group was closed and both my supervisors were made redundant, resulting in cries of “what have I done?!”. Things have gotten a little better, and at the very least I’ve now got a studio. But, it’s hard to understand why any institution would ditch digital craft, particularly given the increasing focus on material computation in architecture.

Life in Cornwall is different. Despite being a strikingly beautiful part of the world this is one of the poorest places in Europe. Here, people work hard for very little reward, and the stark divide between rich and poor is plainly evident, most notably in the housing market. There’s no doubt that adversity breeds ingenuity; scratch the surface in the South West and you’ll find some very resourceful people, doing mind-bending things.

In my first year I’ve been engaged in a lot of form-filling and proposal writing, but I’ve also been making work (films actually) and meeting some brilliant artists and practitioners, so from here on in I’ll be updating this website on a regular basis. If you come across anything of interest feel free to say hello.

Culture, Creativity and the Academy Conference


The Culture Capital Exchange has just announced the date of their next conference Culture, Creativity and the Academy, 24 July 2014. This time around they’ll be debating issues for the future along with a range of case studies, inspiring stories and networking ops.

Issues to be discussed:

  • The opportunities for Higher Education Institutions and Creative and Cultural Industries to collaborate on a new Grand Partnership, underpinned by  HEI’s civic role, public engagement strategies and development of innovative collaborative programmes;
  • the role which CCIs can play in talent development, enhancing research and joint R&D with universities;
  • the opportunity for HEIs to develop mutually beneficial partnerships with CCIs to enhance their impact beyond the Academy and feed into the Agenda for the REF 2020 (Research Excellence Framework);
  • policy and funding implications for both sectors;
  • inspirational interactive workshops and case studies;
  • speed networking.

Last year’s event Research, Creativity & Business 2: Making the Extraordinary was excellent, providing fresh insights on collaboration and innovation.

Registration isn’t open just yet, but if you’re interested in working with partners in Higher Education check out the TCCE website and sign up to their newsletter.